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 She jumped up onto the hood of the car, she looked around to see if she saw anyone in sight,"Dammit..." you could tell that she was eritated by something. She jumped of the car and started walking down the empty street. She saw a few body on the ground dead, she crouched down by them,"Lets just do a quick search.." she found some gum, and a wallet, she took them both,"That's it cheap ass..." She got up and continues to walk. Its had been about a mouth sense the world had gone completely insane, if you were smart you would have survived, this girl was, her name is Alexandra Dim, most people call her Alex and Radio. She is 18 years old with carmeled colored hair and blue/green eyes. She has a smart way of surviving this black out. She uses her hole brain, it has never been done before but she was the first girl ever to. There are more like her in the world.
 Alex walked up to a building that said gun shop on it, she put her face up to the glass and knocked on the window a few times,"come one let me in! I don't have all day!" the ground under her started to move down, she crossed her arms and started tapping her left foot,"Hopeful it won't take such a long wait next time." when she got to the main underground floor,"Hey is Jessie here? I want to talk to the bitch.." she walked out of the door leading to the main room. A large men with brown-gray hair,"Yeah, she is in the bedroom with Casey.." she started to clean his good gun,"They are getting very close sense the black out, such lesbians..." he looked at Alex, then to his gun. "Thanks Lee." she tipped her hat at him, and walked toward the black room. She knocked on the door a few times,"Jessie, I swear I will kick this door down, if your naked or not!" she was a little ticked. Casey opened the door,"Hey, Alex." the blond girls voice sounded tired,"Jessie, you girlfriends is her." Jessie got up, but set her smoke down on the ash tray,"Hey darling, what did ya need?" she got really close to Casey. Alex backed up a few steps,"I need my stuff from the room, I'm going to go down towards Madison Square Garden, I will be gone for a few days." she explained to Casey and Jessie. Casey looked at her,"girl you are crazy going down there, New York is filled with creepers, and I mean the ones who survived, you can't really be going down there." she was concerned you could tell. Jessie spoke again,"Ya we will help you pack, Come on Casey let get her things." Jessie grabbed one of the good bags off the hook, stuffed some cloths, tooth brush, and water/food,"Here you go honey, do you have your gun?" she questioned Alex. Alex grabbed the bag and nodded,"Always..." she sighed and moved her hair out of her face,"I'm going to go tell Lee, bye Casey, Jessie." she walked back to the main room,"Hey Lee, im going to go to Madison Square Garden-" Lee looked at her, then tossed her a larger gun with a scope,"Lee, no I can't take your sniper!" she told him. Lee shook his head," You are going about 70 miles you can take her, know in how much I will miss her, Just don't scratch her or drop her okay...thanks." he walked up to her and hugged her," Maybe you will meet a guy while you are out." he laughed," Don't get killed while you are out there okay..Love ya."

 Alex looked back at the store knowing that she might not comeback,"Peace ya later guys." she looked forward again. She new ever road in New York City, left, right, backwards, forwards. "First to 197th street." she moved her smaller gun to the leg pocket, so it was easy to get too, the Sniper lee gave her was on her back. She looked around and started humming a little tune she learned when she was younger,"because i'm radioactive..because i'm radioactive...." she looked up at the taller building next to her, she could see No one with a sniper or gun, she continued to hum the lovely song, and with her journey so long, she didn't know what to expect.  
Name- Alexandera Dim
gender- female
hair color- carmal
eye color-blue/green

Name- Lee Child
Gender- male
hair color- black/grey
eye color- blue

Name- Jessie Mason
gender- female
hair color- red
Eye color- blue

Name- Casey Ryan
gender- female
hair color- blond
eye color- green

Name- Kyle Anderson
gender- male
hair color- dark brown
eye color- green

Name- Dean Samuels
gender- male
hair color- sandy brown
eye color- brown

Name- Dawn Chang
gender- female
hair color- black with green high light
eye color- brown
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